Why does the blue buffalo dog food say'gluten free'when it was on the recall list for gluten?

Answer The Blue Buffalo Company sells a variety of dog food and treats, which are all labeled as gluten free. A few products were on the gluten recall list; however, Blue Buffalo maintains that the inclus... Read More »

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Are tyson buffalo wings gluten free?

Gluten is a sticky, elastic mixture of proteins found in wheat and other grains, which triggers allergic reactions in some people. Tyson Buffalo Wings contain gluten. Several other Tyson buffalo-st... Read More »

How do i know if my water bottle is on the recall list?

If you purchased a water bottle before early 2009, there is a chance that it was recalled because of possible health hazards. Bottles made with the compound Bisphenal (BPA) and other materials had ... Read More »

Is the Delta love crib 4624-1 on the recall list?

Yes the 4624-1 Model has parts that were recalled. You can go to ask or bing and type in Delta Luv 4624-1 Recall and it will give you the sites you need to order replacement parts. As far as I have... Read More »

Is delta love crib 4340-1 on recall list?

%REPLIES% Answer It depends on the laws in your state. Each state varies on the laws for carseat and booster laws. Answer Really, yes. It's because seat belts are designed to fit adults over 5ft... Read More »