Why does the back panel of your refrigerator have a bad odor?

Answer Answer Check your water drip pan in the back bottow lower part of it, sometimes your hole in your drainage in the fridge gets clogged (in back of the produce drawers) this causes an odor, clean th... Read More »

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How to Prevent Your Refrigerator from Getting Mold and Bad Odor when Not in Use?

How to prevent your refrigerator from getting mold and bad odor when not in use?

What does it mean to have extreme lower back pain and you can feel something moving around in your back?

I am not a doctor however pain in your lower back while pregnant can mean many things from labor, false labor, the baby pushing on a nerve, etc the best thing to do is see you doctor and if things ... Read More »

Why does your refrigerator have condensation around the inside of the door?

Answer Quitelikely the "weatherstripping" type material that creates a seal between the door and the fridge itself is damaged, causing moisture in the air outside your fridge to cool and collect i... Read More »

How do you keep ice from forming on the back wall and top of the refrigerator portion of a refrigerator-freezer?

Answer You didn't say how old the freezer is. However, what usually causes this is loading your freezer too tight with food (no air circulating) or accidently leaving the door ajar (this happens ... Read More »