Why does the U.S. spend between 10 and 12 billion dollars a year fighting a herb?

Answer To preserve profits for the pharmaceutical corporations.You see ... they cannot patent plants ... and therefore cannot make any money from them.So their answer is to bribe politicians and scientist... Read More »

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Why does PA Gov. Rendell want to raise taxes when he is getting 3.5 billion tax dollars a year from casinos?

There's a reason that he's not running for re-election! You know he has never mentioned where all of that casino money went! But, claims a sudden 80 million dollar deficit after the overwhelming ... Read More »

Is the Jackson family crazy sueing for 60 billion dollars?

What does US spend its 500 billion dollar military budget on?

They don't need to. The age limit has been extended to 42.

Can i spend US dollars in Australia?

Bella B we are on our way to australia in the morning and I hope that not everybody is as rude as you. Personally speaking....we are bringing Australian currency however always carry extra $$ in... Read More »