We're going to gut our kitchen. Does the tile go down before the cabinets are set down?

Answer I'd say the first two answers are correct for two reason in most cases, Firstly if you tiled first, there might be a situations were you might need to remove some to make the kitchen installation w... Read More »

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Im on my roof and the latter fell down so i cant get back down. how can iget back down?

jump tuck and roll out of it had that happen to me once hurt like hell when i hit the ground and rolled though must not have landed right

Does exercise keep you young or does it wear the body down?

It depends on what you're looking for. Exercise is good but high impact activities wear down your joints. Professional dancers see their hips give out. Runners lose their knees. Exposure to the... Read More »

Why does Facebook slow my pc down And does it put loads of pubbish on your pc?

each time someone pokes you and you agree to poke people it puts more crap onto the web-based application and some corporation takes your information for sales purposes.

Does using two monitors slow down the speed of the system, or does it stay the same, I'm trying it out?

Well it does take up more CPU usage so maybe just a little. I use two screens but I see no difference in speed.