Why does the Queen never give an open-mouthed smile?

Answer I seriously have seen pictures of her with an open-mouthed smile. Blimey, gov. she has some right good choppers.

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How to Give a Photogenic Smile?

Saying "cheese" and smiling used to be all you had to do to get a great photo. The advent of digital photography made photos even brighter and more detailed than ever before. Some people are natura... Read More »

If you were to visit a sick child, what would you give them to put a smile on their face?

Exactly what they want from you ... your time and fun distractions letting them know that they are important whether they are sick or not.Then for after you leave, they need something to keep in mi... Read More »

Why do professors always give a corny smile when telling us not to "just check it out on wikipedia"?

It's not the bad rep why they smile. they know too many do that and they want you to really do some research :) lazy way of searching is why LOL

Which toothpaste will give me a more dazzling smile - Crest cinnamon with Miley Cyrus on the bottle OR?

Whatever Ross used in that funny episode of Friends!