Why does the Mother keep the children not the Father when they get divorced?

Answer This is not a rule or law, just happens that more often the mother is found to be a more suitable parent than the father in custody cases.

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How does a father protect his kids from there mother who is abusing them when they aren't divorced yet DCFS is already aware of the mother but no charges have been filed yet?

Answer File charges, kick her out of the house, restraining order for you and the kids, then file for divorce. Restraining order is the key.

Can a mother take a child and move to another state without telling the father if they are divorced?

Answer Generally, no. If the mother has full custody of that child she can move anywhere in the world with that child unless the father has visitation rights. If you have partial custody then she m... Read More »

Can a mother be charged with parental kidnapping if she takes her child out of state and shes divorced from the father?

Yes, if there are court orders for visitation or shared custody you will need his consent and also the courts.

If the custodial parent two children give one of the children back to the father does the father still have to pay child support for the one child that stayed with the mother or are they even?

No, the father has to pay child support for both children. Of course the child that decides to live with him will be treated as he/she were when you were both married, but the child you have will s... Read More »