Why does the Fed cut interest rates?

Answer The Federal Reserve System--the "Fed," for short--uses interest rate reductions to stimulate economic activity. The Fed's influence over interest rates is one of its most powerful tools.The FedThe ... Read More »

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How Does the Federal Reserve Set Interest Rates?

The Federal Reserve Board (Fed) is the central banking authority in the United States. In existence since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed by Congress, the Federal Reserve was created as ... Read More »

How does bankruptcy affect interest loan rates?

Filing a petition for bankruptcy protection is not good for your credit file nor is it good when you apply for a loan. The loan products that you qualify for will have higher interest rates.Signifi... Read More »

When does the Bank of England set interest rates?

The Bank of England set interest rates once a month. This happens on the first Thursday of the month, and the results are announced the following day at 12 noon. The date of each meeting to discuss... Read More »

Does a bank have to publish its interest rates?

There is no federal regulation requiring a bank to disclose its interest rates. The only requirement under present laws is that banks use "plain language" to describe their financial products.Refer... Read More »