Why does tap or pool water test positive for chlorine?

Answer Chlorine in tap water or pools is added to kill potentially harmful, disease-causing microbes such as bacteria and viruses. Drinking water, and virtually all pools, are chlorinated and typically te... Read More »

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What is the best way to get rid of water mold in a non-chlorine pool when chlorine loops are not effective?

Answer I have found Proteam's System support product to be very effective against it.Hmmm, What are chlorine "loops"

What are the pros and cons of having a salt water pool vs a chlorine pool?

Answer A: they are both the same. A salt system feeds chlorine as it is manufactured at the control mechanism. Salt is converted, as at a chlorine making plant, into chlorine. The only other way is... Read More »

Is the water in a salt water pool harder on surrounding plants than traditional chlorine pools?

%REPLIES% Answer Saline systems being sold today operate on a pool water salinity of only 3000ppm or so. Older systems used higher salinities - 4000-6000ppm. Considering ones tears are only approx ... Read More »

Why Is Chlorine Added to Drinking Water and Swimming Pool Water?

Chlorine is one of the most abundant of the 92 naturally occurring elements found on our planet. It is highly reactive, so it readily combines with other elements to make a variety of different com... Read More »