Why does system idle process take over my CPU?

Answer Open "Task Manager" on your computer and you may discover a surprise. Under the "Processes" tab you may see something called "System Idle Process" using a large percentage of your CPU, up to 100 p... Read More »

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Why does the system idle process run high and slow my computer?

A common misconception among computer users is that because the system idle process is often seen "taking up" over 90 percent of CPU resources, it is slowing down the computer. This is not true.The... Read More »

How to Turn Off a System Idle Process?

On a Windows computer, a "System Idle Process" is just as its name would suggest - it is a program that runs when your computer goes idle, but is still turned on. This is typically a period of time... Read More »

How long does it take to go idle on facebook chat?

If you don't click anything on facebook for ~10 minutes, you will appear idle (but still online, ie. people can still message you).To go back as online simply click any link on facebook, or just re... Read More »

Does starting a car take more gas than letting it idle?

Letting a car engine idle uses more fuel than starting it up. This was not true years ago when engines had carburetors and chokes, but fuel-injected engines now use less fuel when starting up.Sourc... Read More »