Why does stress make people lose weight even when they're eating the same?

Answer Yes! you are spot on, it increases the metabolic rate. You don't have to be doing physical things to burn off calories. You are more likely to be worried about something rather than severely stress... Read More »

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If i stop eating.... will it make me lose weight and look good or will it make me look fatter?

IF you stop eating then Yes you will get fat its common knowlege like come on EVERYBODY knows that.....

How to Lose Weight Even Under Stress?

Teenage girls are always busy! There's school work/homework in addition to all the responsibilities a girl, With all the stress girls have, we eat! Eating is a way to comfort ourselves from many di... Read More »

I don't know how to lose weight other than not eating?

I know how you feel. I have a problem with eating very little to lose weight then eventually putting some of it back on. I'm a vegan and on my way to 18 too. Anyway, here are some weight loss tip'... Read More »

Can i lose weight by not eating?

Yes, you can lose weight by not eating. Your body needs calories to fuel itself, but if you overeat and consume too many it can lead to weight gain. To reverse this, eating less calories will resul... Read More »