Why does sterling silver tarnish?

Answer Sterling silver tarnishes whenever it comes into contact with any substance containing sulfur--for example, mustard, eggs or rubber. However, most silver tarnish is the result of a chemical reactio... Read More »

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Do sterling silver rings tarnish?

Sterling silver is made up of mostly silver but contains a small amount of metal for strength. Because it is not pure silver, which is too soft for most jewelry, contact with oxygen will cause ste... Read More »

German Silver Compared to Sterling Silver?

People often confuse German silver and sterling silver. Both are shiny white metals and both are used in jewelry, serving pieces, flatware and decorative accents. But beneath the shiny surface, the... Read More »

How to Remove Tarnish From Silver?

Silver items are often passed down as heirlooms and given as wedding or anniversary gifts. Silver tarnishes over time due to sulfur-containing substances in the air. You do not have to purchase cos... Read More »

Does nickel silver tarnish?

Nickel silver will tarnish over time with exposure to air. Its tarnish is black and can be removed with a soft polish cloth. Nickel silver has no silver in it, but rather is an alloy of copper, nic... Read More »