Why does spicy food make people sweat?

Answer "The answer hinges on the fact that spicy foods excite the receptors in the skin that normally respond to heat. Those receptors are pain fibers, technically known as polymodal nociceptors. They res... Read More »

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Why does eating spicy things like hot sauce make people go to the bathroom?

It doesn't make ME go to the bathroom. That doesn't mean it doesn't give me buttfireitis, though.

Do Maharashtrian people eat that much of chilli and spicy food everyday?

No it is not like that. Being a maharashtrian myself, I have tasted every maharashtrian dish and only a few of them are spicy. Things like Puran poli, besan laddu, modak are just great and not spic... Read More »

Does spicy food really affect breast feeding?

Maybe but it is good to get the baby used to everything.I personally ate everything and people get telling me don't eat this or that and that the baby will get gas or whatever. I did it anyway, he... Read More »

Does spicy food really cure the common cold?

It helps.I eat Jalepeno Peppers when I have a cold.It helps me breathe easier.It also gets rid of that Flem and Mucus.Hope you feel better soon.