Why does sound not work on a laptop?

Answer There are several possibilities to explain why sound might not work on your laptop. It can be one simple move or a few steps to rectify the situation. Your sound could be malfunctioning when you tr... Read More »

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How do i get the sound on my TV to work when its hooked up to a laptop?

In my opinion, the easiest option is to run a 3.5mm Stereo Male to Two RCA Male Y-Cable (less than $2 usually) from your headphone jack on the computer to a sound system input if you have one.Also,... Read More »

Why Does My Laptop Have No Sound?

Unlike desktop computers, which typically require external speakers or headphones in order to play sound, laptop computers have a speaker built-in to allow you to hear sound, regardless of whether ... Read More »

Why does the my laptop after being on for just a little while sound like its racing When it does this?

I'd be racing and overheated too if I was on your lap - just sayin.

Why will the headphone jack on my laptop not produce sound when i plug my headphones in only the speakers do and if I wiggle it it can work but it's hard to find a position it works?