Why does someone crave sweets during pregnancy?

Answer Cravings haunt many pregnant women, forcing them to consume everything from instant mashed potatoes to bacon to ice cream. Cookies, cake, candy and other sweets are the most common craving pregnant... Read More »

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Why do people crave sweets?

In the United States, a Dunkin' Donuts or Coldstone Creamery is never very far away. Wendy's offers delicious Frosty treats and McDonald's peddles their counterpart, the McFlurry. With savory treat... Read More »

What makes you crave sweets?

Everyone craves sweets, whether it's every day or once in a while. Those who have regular cravings may have more going on than needing a simple sugar fix.MoodEmotional eaters under a lot of stress ... Read More »

Why do I crave sweets all the time?

Constant sugar cravings can have a number of causes, as physical, mental and habitual factors all contribute to a desire to eat sweets. Knowing what triggers sugar cravings can help an individual m... Read More »

Is it true if you dont eat sweets you dont crave them?

Yes that is true, if you don't have them you will not get the impulse to eat them and the desire will abate, or go awayDune