Why does some coconut oil have a scent, whilst others don't?

Answer Check if the labels have the words "extra virgin" on it. This is the purest form and that is why it smells like coconut. The other versions are usually a little bit cheaper and the coconut oil has ... Read More »

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Why do women have a scent and men dont?

Are you kidding? Have you smelled a man lately? Honey, yer missing out! The mixture of sweat, salt and musk on a least on mine)! Okay, so stinky pits are never a good thing but... Read More »

Why do some people get bitten by Mosquitos and others dont?

I was under the impression that they were attracted by smell especially smelly feet. Me and my kids get bitten all the time and we have REALLY SMELLY FEET!

Do you need insurance if you dont have a car but you drive others that arent in your family?

there are many variables in this question...most of the time NO, if you have permission to drive the vehicle (occassional use only), from the owner baring any exclusions in the policy then you are ... Read More »

How come some lcd screens have a kind of gloss finish to them, and some dont?

Until maybe 10 years ago all LCD screens had a non-glossy matte finish. But then they started offering some with a glossy finish, especially on laptops that were intended to show lots of movies (be... Read More »