Why does social services have the right to decide what records foster kids can see?

Answer Dear Looney Tunes,I agree with TB, it shouldn't be true (partial, incomplete records - if any) but it is. At least where I live.I know whereof I speak. I have been a caseworker in several branche... Read More »

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When will foster kids be given their records about their lives?

I doubt I'll live to see that day. Our daughter had her COMPLETE record and pitched it a month later---she was 25 at the time. It contained everything! I do have her life book and I'm holding on to... Read More »

If verbal abuse is getting worse since the third marriage can a family member step in without social services getting involved or would it be better to start taking foster parent training?

It is always admirable for any person who believes a child is being abused to take steps to correct the situation.However, 'stepping in' to such a stituation is most definitely not advisable as suc... Read More »

When parents have a child removed by social services in Massachusetts what parental rights still apply for them to protect their child in foster care?

Sounds pretty unusual to me, but what's important is that it made you uncomfortable. You, of all people, would know whether it was just the way your mom shows affection or whether it was something ... Read More »

What happens to foster parents who physically abuse their foster kids?