Sex does not feel good to me!?

Answer Have your hormones checked, you may have an imbalance. If you can't see a doctor then try natural supplements such as tongkat ali &/or dhea. Women can also have low testosterone but it only takes a... Read More »

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Why does my pussy get soaking wet and why does it feel good when i rub it?

ok since you are 13 im surprised you don't know what it means by now, but its wet because you are horny (turned on sexually). And that "stuff" is you having an orgasm.

Why does it feel so good to stretch?

veins work by being squeezed by the muscle around them. When you stretch, you tense all of your muscles, which squeezed all the spent blood back to the heart and lungs, and replaces it with oxygena... Read More »

Why does cracking my back feel so good?

Because it releases tension, and yes it feels wonderful. I could do with a good pop now myself.

Does cumming inside feel good?

When he ejaculates hard or is really turned on, yes I can feel it! Its hot. I can feel the pulsing and swelling of his member, I also feel the extra fluid inside me. Now I don't always feel it, I ... Read More »