Why does snake eyes wear a mask?

Answer G.I. Joe is a fictional group of armed services characters created by Marvel Comics and Hasbro Toys. G.I. Joe is an elite unit of United States Army personnel that coordinates classified, or top-se... Read More »

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Does it hurt your eyes when you wear sunglasses?

Hmmm...wish I could be some help...but I think I'll leave this one to the professionals

Why does the eyes become smaller when you wear glasses?

This happens when you wear a concave lens for curing short sight. If you wear convex lens in case of long sight, then eyes would look bigger than the original. Both are so dominant if the power is ... Read More »

Bar on my snake eyes is to small.. Will it heal correctly PLEASE HELP?

If your friend is a professional piercer than I would say go to he/she and ask to switch the jewelry with a longer bar. If he or she is NOT I wouldn't use him/her to switch because he/she may not d... Read More »

How do actors wear glasses (that have prescription lenses)..does this **** up their eyes?

they wear glasses with no actual prescription lenses in the, some actors or actresses may wear glasses with prescription in them vaude they wear glasses or contact lenses normally.They dont wear g... Read More »