Why does skin turn dark with gold?

Answer Gold jewelry can occasionally cause dark patches on the wearer's skin. This discoloration can be an especially annoying problem if it occurs with a piece of jewelry you plan to wear regularly, such... Read More »

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Do people with dark skin get burnt as easily as people with pale skin?

No, people with dark skin don't burn as others have stated. However there is an interesting flip side to this as the sun also provides vitamin D which the body needs. The melanin in dark skin is a ... Read More »

How to Turn Dark Brown Skin Into a Lighter Brown Tone?

If you want to turn your dark brown skin into lighter brown skin, there are some simple remedies you can attempt. While skin color is mostly genetic, there are certain things you can do to keep you... Read More »

How to Wear Makeup With Dark Brown Eyes and Hair with Fair Skin?

The contrast of pale skin against dark brown hair and eyes is both dramatic and alluring. Dark brunettes with pale skin fortunately may have enough contrast to go makeup-free, or they may choose fr... Read More »

How to Look Pretty with Dark Skin?

Many people have a misconception that people who have darker toned skin don't necessarily look "pretty". This is most certainly not true. The trick to looking and feeling your absolute best in dark... Read More »