Why does skim milk taste better in the evening?

Answer Maybe by the evening you have burned a lot more energy than first thing in the morning and you need the calories and the milk is hitting the spot?

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Which is better, skim milk or light soy milk?

On One Hand: Skim Milk: Weight Control and NutrientsWith only 80 calories and 0 grams of fat in an 8-oz. serving, skim milk helps individuals looking to lose weight. It also provides nutrients, is ... Read More »

Is Skim or Soy Milk Better For You?

The field of statistics recognizes several different types of data, including nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. Of these types, nominal is the least numeric and the most like categorization. In... Read More »

Does milk taste better out of a glass container?

On One Hand: Milk in Glass Has a Purer TasteSome people think milk that comes in a glass container not only looks better than that from a plastic jug but also that it has a better taste, because a ... Read More »

Simple random question. Root Beer Skim Milk Or Apple Juice Which from this list do u like better?

None of the above. 2% milk or orange juice. (((((Scooter))))) Hi :):) how are you?