Why does sea salt heal you ?

Answer Natural sea salt contains about 81 minerals that are essential to the human body. When using it in a solution (1/4tsp sea salt to 1 cup of boiled or bottled water) it aids in promoting healing, rel... Read More »

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Does putting salt on a wound help it heal?

Does Salt help wound heal quicker?

Salt, in and of itself, does not speed up healing. Salt will dry out the wound and help keep it clean by absorbing fluids. Once the wound is dry, the body can work more efficiently. If you have ... Read More »

Is it wise to heal wounds with Salt and Bleach?

NO!! Bleach will kill cells and probably cause more damage. Salt does leach infection from an inflamed throat or tooth abscess, but is far better to clean a skin wound with hydrogen peroxide or soa... Read More »

Why does salt water heal mouth sores?

Not only salt, but also sugar tend to drain bacteria. Bacteria consist mostly of water. As salt and sugar draw water from the surrounding area, bacteria get dehydrated until they can no longer surv... Read More »