How much does it suck?

Answer Good job lol

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Why does Amtrak suck so much?

I think the key points have been mentioned -1) The US "auto-culture" makes ridership / funding a problem.2) The US has a FAR greater area needing coverage. The state of California ALONE is 163,69... Read More »

How much does Yahoo suck?

dont diss yahoo man, its tha best!!!

Compared to GOOGLE-Does yahoo suck or does it really suck *_*?

i see 26 answers may two or 3 like yahoo,if you hate it that badwhy use it? i see no problems,i like google too.i would make yahoomy home page ,but aol is my main isp provider so they are my hom... Read More »

Why does FAT32 suck so much 4gb limit?

Most everyone HAS made it so that their OS is NTFS compatible. Windows, Mac and Linux all support the NTFS file system.The reason the PS3 only supports Fat32 is probably by design. They know full ... Read More »