Why does restaurant food taste better than home cooking?

Answer restaurant food tastes better than home cooking for several reasons. first off, restaurants have trained chefs whose job is to make sure the food tastes not only good but GREAT! these are profes... Read More »

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Does amaranth taste better than buckwheat?

On One Hand: Amaranth Tastes SweetThe seeds of amaranth can be used to make a hot porridge, much like oatmeal. However, unlike oatmeal, when cooked, amaranth becomes sticky. The taste of cooked ama... Read More »

Does Jenny Craig or Medifast food taste better?

On One Hand: Bland Taste ReviewsTop Diet Review lists Medifast as the No. 2 prepared diet food program, and Jenny Craig is ranked 15th. However, Top Diet cites Medifast's bland taste as one of the ... Read More »

Survey...Does food taste better when someone cooks it for you?

Because it is made with "LOVE" for! It smells great when it is being prepared, and it is SO appreciated....Nothing is better than somebody fixing you a meal.....

Does the Starbucks Mocha Frappe taste better than the Burger King one?

Starbucks! And why do you keep giving me BA for everything I answer from you?