Why does restaurant food taste better than home cooking?

Answer restaurant food tastes better than home cooking for several reasons. first off, restaurants have trained chefs whose job is to make sure the food tastes not only good but GREAT! these are profes... Read More »

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Taste of Home Cooking Schools in Northern Illinois?

Taste of Home Cooking School is an itinerant culinary education program that hosts 300 classes a year for more than 300,000 students nationwide. Periodically, the school offers classes in cities th... Read More »

Do you like home cooked food or restaurant food?

I am the same way. I prefer to cook and eat at home rather than eat out. The reasons being the same as you stated. I know what is in the food and how much.

Soda taste and junk food taste! Pleas help?

I'm sorry, but I fail to understand just why you can't get rid of junk food in your house. if it's there, you will eat it -- so get rid of it already! It shouldn't surprise you that the manufactur... Read More »

British Food Cooking Question: Does anyone have any good recipes for cooking...?

Yeah, I think that goes really good with a dose of extra strength penicillin.*cries because spots are uber creepy!*