Why does recording artist needs the head phones in the booth?

Answer First call your mom, if she doesn't help get a life

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Why are head-phones called head-phones when they are not exactly head PHONES?

well if you talking about the phone parts it because they look like phones and you put them in a ipod or a computer so then it like talks to ya :) i have 1000 head phones

Yes or no are skullcandy head phones better than the original ipod head phones?

No. Skull candies are a bunch of commercial bs. people like them cause of the apealing look. You can get cheap sony headphones that are just as good. My favorite are the sony fashions. they come in... Read More »

How do you make Head phones work in your laptop my head phones work but will not play music from the internet through them?

earplugs hurt your eardrums more because the earplugs fit right in your ear and it`s just hurting ur eardrum but headphones cover your whole ear and it is not right in your ear whole!! lol ....

How to Build a Small Recording Booth?

Setting up a recording booth in the home is desirable for anyone who likes to record regularly. A small, soundproof room is ideal. Having a professional install a recording booth in the home is pr... Read More »