Why does putting your head between your legs help with nausea?

Answer One of the major causes of dizziness & nausea is lack of proper blood flow to your brain. This is why nausea & dizziness are often seen in cardiac (heart) patients, trauma patients, dehydrated pati... Read More »

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Is a bump on the back of your head serious if you also have dizziness headaches nausea visual changes and tingling in your arms and legs?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS% Answer I am going to take a leap of faith here and assume this is a legitimate question. Having stated that, yes, you need medical attention! The symptoms you describe would indi... Read More »

What is best shaving legs or putting the hair removal cream?

i'd say shaving, cos the hair removal cream irritates my skin and costs more cos you if you want to get rid of the hair regularly you have to buy the cream more than you do razors

If you tell yourself in your head you feel sick will it give you nausea?

No, that is not a valid reason to feel sick for hours. Instead tell yourself that you won't feel sick, and believe it.

How to Put Your Legs over Your Head?

You can do this when you want to exercise or whenever you want. Maybe even for personal reasons.