Why does pushing an ear bud too far in make you want to throw up?

Answer they are used so other people can't hear what you are listening to, only you can

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How to Perform the Walking Throw Drill for the Discus Throw?

The walking throw drill for the discus allows the athlete to move through the different positions in a slow concentrated manner, to help better understand how the movement should feel at full speed.

Make yourself throw up?

How to make myself throw up?

Put your fingers down your throat (as far as you can), try and touch your uvula (the dangly bit)...don't move them no matter how much you gag.

What can i eat to make me throw up?

don't make yourself throw up honey! sorry if you don't but i feel responsible to help you now! honestly, it's not worth it! if you want to lose weight because your over weight, exersise more and ea... Read More »