Why does pubic hair stop growing at a certain length, yet the hair on your head grows continously?

Answer It doesnt stop growing. It reaches a certain length and then it falls out. It just appears to stop growing because it is constantly replaced by new hair.All hair has a growth phase, termed anagen, ... Read More »

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Could it be possible to have head lice in your pubic hair?

Crabs, also known as pubic lice, are one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. People all over the world contract crabs, and more than 3 million people are infected with the parasite ev... Read More »

Tips for Growing Hair on a Bald Head?

Both men and women lose hair as a result of genetics, stress, medication or illness. Many of these people take steps to increase their hair growth and try to keep the hair they have. Luckily, there... Read More »

How to Stop Hair From Growing?

Unwanted hair can pop up in unexpected places. You may notice a stray hair on your face, neck or chin and extra hairs on your abdomen or arms. Some people think it's easier to get rid of the hair t... Read More »

What stops our eyebrows and eyelashes from growing as long as our head hair?

Hair follicles have a cycle. After going through a longer period of hair growth, the hair will usually fall out, and then the follicle will go through a period of rest and repair. The reason why di... Read More »