Why does printer ink cost so much?

Answer Printer ink costs so much because there is very little competition. The manufactures of printers have a monopoly going. It is much like General Motors or Ford selling you a car and saying you have... Read More »

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How much does it cost to per hour for a printer repair of a 4700 printer?

If you think it is the fuser just repalce the fuser, that will be around $250and you can do that your self

How much does ink for a printer cost?

Actual ink runs about $3 per ounce, much less if you buy in bulk.Ink cartridges vary depending on brand and model and can cost anywhere from $10 to $50.

How much does objet 1000 3d printer cost?

MakiBox A6 $300 Desktop 3D Printer | Dangerous PrototypesDrone writes about a new 3d printer project he's found: MakiBox A6 is a new crowd-funded project by Jon Buford in Honk Kong. Price is $300US... Read More »

How does a offset printer workhow much does it cost(min) can color pic.s be printed by it?

These articles gives some basic info about offset printing. It seems like one person can operate the machine and some machines can print in color (just like laser printers, the more expensive the m... Read More »