Why does principal& interest vary over the period of a mortgage loan?

Answer Principal and interest amounts vary during the course of a mortgage loan because a mortgage is front-loaded with interest, meaning the first installment payment includes the most interest, and the ... Read More »

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Why Does Principle & Interest Vary Over the Period of a Mortgage Loan?

When you take out a mortgage, you are borrowing money from a lender. You must then make monthly payments to the lender. A portion of you monthly monthly mortgage payment goes toward paying off your... Read More »

Why Do Fixed Loan Interest Payments Vary on Home Equity Loans?

Fixed interest rate loans have the same financing cost for the entire time they are active. However, just because the interest does not vary, the payment amount is not set in stone. Depending on ho... Read More »

How to Calculate Principal and Interest on a Loan Payment?

Lenders charge interest on loans they issue to make profits and to protect themselves against the risk that the borrowers may not pay the money back. Each month borrowers makes a payments. The amou... Read More »

My wife's student loan fm AES is OVER 10% interest: as a single loan, is there any "consolidation" option?

It is possible to consolidate single loans if they have not been consolidated before. If the interest rate is 10%, it sounds like it must be a private student loan (as opposed to federal)? Typicall... Read More »