Why does portulacaria afra drops its leaves?

Answer It is not happy it either too dry or too wet.

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How many drops of essential oil are equal to one serving of dried leaves?

Answer Their are 2 reasons the first is that too much d.e. is being put in, the second reason which I think may be the problem is that the ropes inside the filter housing have become clogged not al... Read More »

How does one care for poinsettias Mine usually drops leaves and dies.?

'Instructions STEP 1: Place your poinsettia in a sunny window. These plants require bright light - the more, the better. STEP 2: Keep soil evenly moist at all times. Even a day without adequate moi... Read More »

In which country does the Wormwood plant Artemisia afra grow?

This plant occurs throughout the countries of Africa. It can be found right from Ethiopia down to South Africa. Horticulturally, it would grow anywhere else that has a climate similar to these areas.

My parsly only grows flowers but i want leaves what are some things i can do to make it grow leaves?