Why does pollen stick?

Answer Hi pollen sticks because it is a unique property it has developed. The sticky pollen helps the transaction of pollenating . It is made sticky so it would stick to a pollinator eg a bee the bee take... Read More »

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Why does food stick to a non stick pan?

Nonstick pans are coated with a slippery surface that prevents food from sticking. As you use the pans, however, the nonstick coating can scratch or chip, or gunk may build up inside the pan. This ... Read More »

Does bee pollen need to be refrigerated?

If left unrefrigerated, fresh honey bee pollen will ferment in about a day, destroying some of its vital properties. However, if honey bee pollen is dehydrated or treated with a preservative soon a... Read More »

Does a pollen cone make a new plant?

Pollen cones contribute to the formation of new plants when their pollen is released. Released pollen fertilizes the seed cones of other plants, which causes new seeds to develop into adults.Sourc... Read More »

What does a pollen grain contain?

Pollen grains are tiny, but each one contains the genetic code necessary to create new life. Pollen is produced by the anthers on the tips of the stamens, the male sex organs of a flower. Here, the... Read More »