Why does poison ivy bite itch?

Answer I didn't know poison ivy bit people.

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We'll urine help take the itch out of poison ivy?

I'm on my third drink. I'll come over, let's give it a try! I've always wanted to get something written up in a medical journal.

How do I get the itch out of a Mosquito bite?

This may sound strange, but what usually helps me is to put some soap on it. Liquid soap or soap from a soap bar are both fine. Just after you've applied the soap it will continue to itch, perhaps ... Read More »

What can i put on a mosquito bite to stop the itch?

bakin soda bath will help, and put bakin soda on the iche.Or buy an anti iche cream

Why does a mosquitos bite make you itch?

When one bites you, it wants your blood. To keep the wound they create open, and with blood running freely, they excrete saliva which is a blood thinner into your body. Your body then responds to t... Read More »