Why does pinching the area between your index finger and thumb get rid of pain?

Answer It's a myth.I've suffered migrains and I've had cramps. Never worked for me.I have plenty of friends who've tried it. No dice. It's crap.

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On the top of your hand, between your thumb and index finger...that area...does it hurt to get a tat there?

Nerves are a funny thing. What can be excruciating for one, could be a breeze for another. and vis-versa. Hands and feet are usually pretty painful, but from what I've heard, that spot isn't bad co... Read More »

Doctors--hand pain between thumb and index finger?

The pain in between your thumb and index finger could be due to injury to the capsule and cartilage of the small joints in your hand.

Rash located on back of left hand between thumb and index finger and back to wrist?

If it keeps coming and going and is localized it could likely be eczema or psoriasis. Autoimmune skin responses, they can crop up more frequently due to contact with something you're sensitive to ... Read More »

Pain in wrist and thumb area?

Tendinitis... there isn't really a cure... only anit-inflamatories.