Why does pickling useful?

Answer Maybe, but definitely if you can't come up with other ideas for breaking it although I think an easier way to break it is to just slam it on the ground a few times. =)No

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How does pickling works?

Pickling vinegar acts as a preservative because it makes the environment too acidic to support microorganisms. So mould doesn't grow because it's too acidic.

Does pickling kill botulism?

Pickling does not kill botulism unless proper treatment and handling occur. To avoid botulism, wash and cook foods adequately and wash surfaces with soap and water. Sterilize canning equipment in b... Read More »

How much does a bushel of pickling cucumbers weigh?

Does any one have a good recipe pickling your own grown Gherkins?

I have them for just about any type of pickles you want to make . let me know what you are in favor of and I will type it out and send it to you.