Why does persome feel the people pretend to be sick?

Answer Persome is made of different stuff then her brother. she only believes in safe guarding her and her brother's interest. she doesn't understand the emotions of others. she belief's that the people b... Read More »

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Why do people feel more sick at nightlol?

Because at night your body is tired and it makes you feel worse because your body needs to rest but can't because your feeling so bad. Why aren't you at Walmart gurl? I have some Benadryl, want me ... Read More »

How to Pretend You Are Not Sick?

Don't want to miss something even when you feel terrible? Fool yourself and others into believing you're ok, at least for a short time.

How to Pretend to Be Sick After School?

After school, you might want to get out of something your parents want you to do at home. This article will help you fake being sick after school. If you take a bus home, follow these steps when yo... Read More »

I feel fine when my eyes are open but as soon as I close them I feel sick?

There is two reliefs you can do.Counter-top pushups.You stand in your kitchen, at the skin, feet together, feet back about 2-3 feet. Hands on the edge of the counter. Holding the sink also works be... Read More »