Why does peppermint make water feel cold in your mouth?

Answer Peppermints and other type of minty things contain menthol. Menthol, also known as Menthomenthol or peppermint camphor, is a chemical capable of tricking your senses into thinking the temperature h... Read More »

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How to Make Your Mouth Feel Cool in the Summer?

Do this in summer when is very hot, because this will make your mouth very fresh.

How to Make Yourself Feel Better when You Have a Cold?

Feelin ill or when you have a cold is horrible. There is nothing worse than having to shut yourself in all day. Read below to see some top tips to help you feel the way you deserve...

What do you do when you have a cold to make you feel better?

right now, Im off work with a right stinky head cold, and im dosing myslef with venos, i have my hankie with vicks on it, and drinking heaps of juice.I eat what I want when I want and whatever I fe... Read More »

I have a cold. What will make me feel better My nose is so stuffy.?

drink a lot of water. And I have to emphasize "a lot".