Why does peppermint make water feel cold in your mouth?

Answer Peppermints and other type of minty things contain menthol. Menthol, also known as Menthomenthol or peppermint camphor, is a chemical capable of tricking your senses into thinking the temperature h... Read More »

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How to Make Your Mouth Feel Cool in the Summer?

Do this in summer when is very hot, because this will make your mouth very fresh.

What would cause your left arm muscle to ache and feel cold and your hand and fingers to feel very tingly?

Muscle aches and tingles Here are several possible explanations from WikiAnswers users: Vascular - There could be some reason for poor circulation to the arm/hand. This is very commonly caused by t... Read More »

How to Make a Water Drop Sound With Your Mouth?

This article is unclear, vague, or confusing. Please edit this article, clarify it, and remove this notice when the article has been improved. Notice added on 2011-01-16.This is a cool trick you ca... Read More »

Do you kill more germs washing your hands with warm water or cold water does it matter?

When you wash your hands, you are actually "washing off" the microrganisms "germs" from your hands. It does not matter.Warm, depending on the temperature can actually induced bacterial spores "bact... Read More »