Why does peas taste good?

Answer Peas are high in sugar

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Does Jamaican rice and peas taste strongly of coconut?

No. I really don't think it has a strong coconut taste. It just lends a subtle sweetness to the dish. I'd look into substituting it with condensed, sweetened condensed or evaporated milk. Not exa... Read More »

Are peas&corn good carbs?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsPeas and corn are two of the healthiest carbohydrates a person can eat. According to Dr. Timothy S. Harlan, consuming four servings of peas each week lowers the risk... Read More »

What is a good liquor called that is girly and taste good but at the same time will you get you drunk?

How long do carrots and peas baked in the oven last in the fridge. Will they still be good if I freeze them?

they are the best up until one week after cooking them but if you get to a week and a half and they haven't been eaten you can always heat them well and they'll still be good as for freezing them, ... Read More »