Why does pearl harbor's geographical location play an important role in the us military forces?

Answer It's large enough to comfortably house any and all military forces and their families; and the islands themselves are strategically located nearly in the center of the Pacific Ocean...nearly the sa... Read More »

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What effected the US Military forces in Hawaii after the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

Yes. It is a noun referring to an organization. No, because military is a general descriptor. Take your pick.

What role does Kino play in the pearl by john steinback?

What role does air force security forces play in air and space power functions?

Protecting the assets by providing physical security. Basically they stand guard.

What role does family play in the book the pearl by john Steinbeck?

The family role in this story is very important. The family lives in a miserable society with korruption. It is a little village by the sea with very big poverty. The houses are made by brush, and ... Read More »