Why does our printer print the wrong color?

Answer Try printing out a self test page from the printer to see what it looks like. If the colors are good there, but not when you print from the computer, then there may be a problem with the printer dr... Read More »

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What is wrong if your printer doesn't print?

If you haven't used the printer in quite some time, your print head is dry. Replace cartridges if you have an HP, Lexmark or DellIf you have an Epson, Canon or Brother and it has been more than ab... Read More »

My lexmark 2200 printer won't print. Whats's wrong with it?

It sounds more like clogged ink carts again. Which many people face usually with ink jet printers. Pls chk the cart if the seal has been peeled off as the other suggestion. This might help !!Beside... Read More »

My printer has color ink, but it doesn't print with color?

Maybe you have the wrong setting down, you know, for ex. HP Officejet 5600. Or maybe you've got the gray-scale turned on, so it only prints black and white.

Why does my printer use color ink even though i print no color documents?

If you don't have a black ink cartridge set up to specifically print for black only, then it uses the colors to make black ink but it's not real black. You can set the printer options to print in g... Read More »