Why does our currency have value?

Answer Modern currency such as the U.S. Dollar has no intrinsic value, such as gold coins. Nor is it backed by gold. The best way to understand why modern currency has value is to understand how it develo... Read More »

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How to Value Old Currency?

The value of old currency varies from a few dollars more than the face value to as much as six figures. You must know the worth of your currency to be able to get a strong price for it. It is gener... Read More »

How do I find the value of foreign currency?

Go Online or Get a NewspaperThe Web offers plenty of sites which list exchange rates for numerous foreign currencies. Sites such as,, or will let you enter the a... Read More »

What determines the value of currency?

The value of currency is based on the market forces of supply and demand. Each market force impacts currency's value in different ways. In addition to supply and demand, other factors manipulate th... Read More »

How do I Find the Value of Old Currency Online for Free?

Say you're rummaging through your grandma's attic and come across an old strongbox full of $50 and $100 bills in Confederate Currency. Are you rich? Are they worthless? Do they have a market value ... Read More »