Does Organic Milk have less hormones than regular milk?

Answer I am SO afraid of cow's milk. I shudder when I read articles like that - poor cows being milked 300 days/year and constantly pregnant! Yikes. I wonder why people don't realize that when they mess w... Read More »

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Why does yogurt last longer than milk?

Yogurt is a naturally fermented milk product with a tangy flavor and a thick pudding-like consistency. The name yogurt is derived from the Turkish word "yoghurmak," which means to thicken, accordin... Read More »

Does organic milk stay fresh longer?

Good Morning: Well I guess this question was asked before because I copied and pased the best answer lol, However, the question was not asked by you skycat, lolOrganic milk has to be pasteurized at... Read More »

Is soy milk healthier than regular milk and if so how?

Benefit 1: Soy milk contains only vegetables proteinsVegetable proteins have the advantage that they cause less loss of calcium through the kidneys. It is known that a diet rich in animal (and dair... Read More »

Soy Milk Regular Milk or Low Fat Milk Which from this list do you like better?

Regular milk - evet that is not as good as good old country whole milk with a lot of cream on it.Papaw