Why does only one ear bud play music in your iPod touch?

Answer DVD players can be small enough to use while mobile. Headphones provide a means to insure privacy while enjoying the playback. Most DVD players have standard headphone jacks, so your Sony headphone... Read More »

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How do you fix your iPod touch if it doesn't play music out loud anymore?

This sounds like it is an internal problem, and something is wrong with the speakers. Take it to an Apple Genius to see what they can do.

Why does my ipod touch play outloud and in your earbuds?

prior to the just released 4th generation iPod touch, there was no built in mic so anyone wanting to use voip phone apps and audio recording/editing apps were unable. the iPhone never needed one an... Read More »

How do you get an Ipod touch 1st generation to play music out loud?

do you mean a built in speaker? well, you cant play music on a 1st generation ipod touch out loud, because it does not have built in speakers. its the second genertation that has speakers.

Can you make an iPod touch 1g play music out loud?

No. It does not have an internal speaker. It can only do small beeps.