Why does only one ear bud play music in your iPod touch?

Answer DVD players can be small enough to use while mobile. Headphones provide a means to insure privacy while enjoying the playback. Most DVD players have standard headphone jacks, so your Sony headphone... Read More »

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Can ipod touch 2g play music using headphones?

this question actually made me laugh out loudthen i screened it and sent it to my friend over xfire...he laughed tooyes it cancongratulations, u fail at interwebz

Can an ipod touch play music without headphones?

If you're thinking of getting a 2nd generation iPod Touch, then no, it can't. However the new 3rd generation iTouches can (I found this out by accident). The 2nd generation iTouch plays external mu... Read More »

Ipod touch play music without headphones?

To block out noise,listen better, or to not disrupt others around you.

Can the ipod touch 4generation play music without headphones?

yes it has a speaker so you can listen to music without the headphones