Why does onion sting your eyes when you cut it?

Answer Long story short, a chemical from the onion is released into the air and makes contact with your tear ducts, which become irritated. For a long answer, check the link below.

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When you open your eyes in a salt water pool will it sting?

Answer Not as long as it is maintained properly. Most important is to keep the PH level correct.

Eyes Sting When washed with Soap?

Same as testicle problem.Try using the soap on your testicles, and use eye wash in your eyes.Keep your clothes on when patrolling your horse trails.

Why do my eyes burn/ sting when I cry with my glasses on?

If this occurs where there is light, your glasses might intensify light onto your teardrops, which creates heat, and my hurt your eyes a little. Nothing much to worry about : )

How do you cut an onion without your eyes crying?

peel them holding them under running water then use food chopper to cut them up