Why does one's GPA have an effect on car insurance rates?

Answer Your GPA doesn't really affect your insurance rates except that many insurance companies offer a discount for younger drivers who have at least a 3.0 or B average. It is not actually a part of rate... Read More »

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How to Determine the Effect FICO Scores Have on Mortgage Interest Rates?

Mortgage underwriters typically consider 3 factors when underwriting a loan. These factors are sometimes called the 3 Cs: Cash, Collateral and Credit. Of the 3 factors, 2 are fairly straightforward... Read More »

Is there any list of the different group ratings for insurance on cars to see which ones have the highest and lowest insurance prices?

AnswerYes, but it's not usually something insurer's hand out. You may ask your broker for their opinion as to which "class" of vehicle is less expensive to insure. Good Brokers (like me lol) can an... Read More »

If you suspend health insurance for 3 months while you are out of the country does it put anything negative in your insurance history and will you be able to get competitive rates when you return?

Answer What you need to do is see how much it will be for out of network providers in case you get hurt in another Country. Do you think that Country will pick up your medical tab if you get hurt... Read More »

Do insurance rates go up after you have an accident?

Car insurances rates usually go up after you have an accident, even if you are not at fault. Some insurance companies have accident forgiveness policies, meaning they do not raise premiums after ac... Read More »