Why does my younger brother always want to play with me?

Answer Young children often form an attachment to older siblings. The sibling is familiar, being a member of the family, but smaller than an adult, so seen as more accessible. Many younger siblings hero... Read More »

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Should you play with your younger brother and his friend?

If your younger brother`s friend comes over, don`t try to bug them. If they want you to join them, they will ask you if you want to..

How to Play Star Wars With Your Younger Brother?

does your brother keep annoying you here's some perfect entertainment

I have had enough of my brother He is 6 years younger than me he seals my stuff and is always mean he gets on my nerves What should I do?

well, depending on how old you are, you should tell him nicely everytime he steals your stuff or gets on your nerves to please stop, or you should go to another room--if he doesnt listen to you, th... Read More »

Does the older brother have a right to hit the younger brother?