Why does my wood burning fireplace smoke?

Answer While a glowing fire in a warm room is inviting to almost everyone, smoke pouring from the fireplace will empty the same room quickly. There are several reasons why fireplaces smoke; some are fairl... Read More »

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How to Keep Smoke From Coming Into a House While Burning Wood in the Fireplace?

Using your fireplace during the cold weather months is a good way to help reduce home heating costs. A common problem with a fireplace is that the smoke enters the room instead of escaping up the c... Read More »

How do I keep smoke from coming into a house while burning wood in the fireplace?

Create a DraftPrevent smoke from flowing back into a room by helping the air flow up the chimney. Light a match, and hold it near the chimney to check for a draft. Make a draft if the flame is burn... Read More »

Can a prefabricated (metal) wood burning fireplace be converted to a gas burning fireplace?

I would think not. The metal box that would contain the fire, is not made the same as one that gas. The gas would burn hotter, more constant not like a wood fire. I would not try it myself. Call ar... Read More »

Is it safe to install a wood-burning insert into a zero-clearance wood-burning fireplace?

According to, you can install a wood-burning insert into a metal (zero-clearance) fireplace, but you have to make sure that the insert is compatible with your type of fireplace. It is da... Read More »