Why does my webcam turn itself off every time i try to record?

Answer re-install or update the drivers

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How to Record Yourself on a Webcam?

Webcams, which are cameras designed specifically for computer use, are available in two varieties: internal and external. An internal webcam is embedded into your laptop's or monitor's bevel, while... Read More »

How to Use a Webcam to Record?

The Internet is full of people speaking, singing, joking, commenting and just horsing around in front of their webcams. You can set up your very own webcam to join the action and start making inter... Read More »

How to Record from a Webcam?

Recording from a WebcamDo you need to record from a web cam to send a video message to colleagues, friends or family, record a video presentation for work or school, or to upload and broadcast a vi... Read More »

How do u record videos from your webcam?

Search for AmCap.exeThere are some cool webcam applications here (like making time lapse videos, long exposure images etc) if you want to try them out