Why does my web page keep expiring?

Answer There are any number of reasons why the web page you've been using suddenly pops up as expired, ranging from the normal to the unexpected. Usually you can reestablish a connection in a few simple s... Read More »

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If my driving permit keep expiring cause i haven't pass yet what will happen?

Hi, I am an ex driving instructor so I can help you. It doesn't sound as if your in the UK, however I can be sure to let you know that if you are driving with an expired permit/license, you will g... Read More »

Why does Google keep making Sesame St characters their home page?

Sesame Street is celebrating 40 years of televised programming. Who is your favorite character? I love Mr. Snuffleupagas.

Why does my wikipedia page say, "UserTalk:______ " at the top of the page How can I get it removed?

If the artilce read User talk:Your Username at the top (note, there is a space between User and talk), the article is in your userspace. If you are a new editor, I advice you to have your article r... Read More »

Why do i keep on getting Error on page?

Try turning your modem (& router if you have one) and computer off, then turn them back on and try it.