Why does my vonage phone keep dropping calls?

Answer No, it is not because of your phone but it is because of the service. I have Vonage and never experience any problems with it. My guess is that it is the wireless router which is causing the call d... Read More »

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Can I make two phone calls at the same time on VoIP provider such as vonage?

I believe you are referring to three way calling where you and two friends can talk or have a conference callHere is a very short list of some of their features;Calling Features included with every... Read More »

How can my Vonage phone display a Toll Free number as my caller ID when I make calls?

If you use the Vonage Talk V-Phone on your PC, it has a configuration setting for setting your Caller-ID.…

How to Keep Home Phone Number & Forward Calls to Cell Phone?

Call-forwarding service allows you to forward calls from one phone to another so that you don't have to miss any calls. If you primary use your cell phone, you can still keep your home phone and fo... Read More »

I keep getting Prank Phone calls?

Since they are your friends, you wouldn't want them to get in trouble.Do you have a Caller ID? It keeps track on who called you, it tells you their name and phone number. It's a handy little thing :)