Why does my video downloads from Limewire have no audio sound ?

Answer 1. Downloading from Limewire can be bad. Limewire has many virus and many times it is from movies or mp3s that do not play properly. That is the worse case problem. 2. You need the correct codecs (... Read More »

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On PS3, I use an HDMI cable and have sound for the system, video and audio, but no sound during games Help?

For the best advise contact your supplier

How do i delete limewire downloads from history?

Open Limewire and select "My Files" from the top toolbar. To delete a song, highlight it by clicking on it and then hit the "delete" key on your keyboard.Select "remove from library" on the pop-up ... Read More »

How do I remove viruses from LimeWire downloads?

Download ProgramDownload and install a program for combating malware and viruses such as Malwarebytes (see Resources section). Right-click on the file you downloaded from LimeWire. Select the "Scan... Read More »

When recording Audio for Video using both the mic inputs, does the video file come with two Audio tracks?

If both mic inputs are used and the recording is stereo, then you get left and right tracks. If you are using the current version of FCP X, then you need to double click on the single audio track a... Read More »